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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Buenos Aires, glaciar (ARG) 76° 15' 00.0" S 27° 30' 00.0" W Watercourse
Name ID: 100371 Place ID: 3402

Dawson-Lambton Glacier (RUS) 76° 30' 00.0" S 26° 00' 00.0" W Watercourse
Name ID: 117642 Place ID: 3402

Dawson-Lambton Glacier (USA) 76° 08' 00.0" S 26° 45' 00.0" W Watercourse
Name ID: 124166 Place ID: 3402

A heavily-crevassed glacier entering southeastern Weddell Sea immediately west of Brunt Ice Shelf. Discovered in January 1915 by a British expedition led by Schackleton. He named it for Elizabeth Dawson-Lambton, benefactress of the Shackleton expeditions.

Dawson-Lambton Ice Stream (GBR) 76° 06' 00.0" S 27° 00' 00.0" W Watercourse
Name ID: 108447 Place ID: 3402

flowing NW into Weddell Sea, S of Halley, Caird Coast, was sighted by BITAE, 16 January 1915, when it was described as a huge glacial overflow from the ice sheet, and named Dawson-Lambton Glacier after Miss Elizabeth Dawson-Lambton, a financial supporter of the expedition (Shackleton, 1919, p.xii, 27, end map; USBGN, 1947, p.153; AGS map, 1970). Dawson-Lambton Gletscher (Shackleton, [1921], end map). Ventisquero Dawson Lamston [sic] (Cordovez Madariaga, 1945, p.38). Glaciar Dawson Lamblon [sic] (Argentina. IGM map,1946). Glaciar Dawson Lambton (Argentina. MM chart N-"P"-1). Lednik Doson-Lambton (Baranov and others, 1954, map p.283). Glaciar Buenos Aires, after the Argentine capital, following AAE, 1953-54, which visited the area (Argentina. MM chart 121, 1954; Pierrou, 1970, p.225). Riesengletscher Dawson Lambton (Capurro, 1955, p.163). Gletscher Dawson Lambton (Capurro, 1955, p.154). Following a reconnaissance flight by TAE in 1956-57, it was reported that the ice stream had receded considerably since 1915 (Fuchs and Hillary, 1958f, p.27; Blaiklock and others, 1966, p.5). Dawson Lambton-Breen (Fuchs and Hillary, 1958b, p.34). Karhon Hayevishah Dauson Lembton [sic] (Fuchs and Hillary, 1958a, map p.12). Dawson-Lambtonv Ledovec (Bártl, 1958, map facing p.144). Dawson Lambton Gletcheren (Fuchs and Hillary, 1958c, p.41). Lednik Doson-Lamton [sic] (Soviet Union. UNGSVF chart 334, 1958). Glaciar de Dawson Lambton (Fuchs and Hillary, 1959e, p.34). Glacier Dawson Lambton (Fuchs and Hillary, 1959g, p.37). Dawson Lambton-Glaciären (Fuchs and Hillary, 1959a, p.31). Lodowiec Dawson Lambton (Fuchs and Hillary, 1959f, map p.37). Dawson Lambton Gletsjer (Fuchs and Hillary, [1959d], p.30). Doson Ramuton [sic] Glacier (Fuchs and Hillary, 1959c, Vol. 1, p.54). Dawson Lambtonov Ledenik (Fuchs and Hillary, 1960a, p.25). Dawson Lambton-Gleccser (Fuchs and Hillary, 1962, map p.25). Dawsom [sic] Lambton Glacier (USAF chart GNC 26N, 1970). Dawson Lampton [sic] Glacier (BA chart 3176, 15.i.1971). Glasiar [sic] Dawson Lambton (Chile, IGM map 6000-5300, 1972). Following surveys by BAS from Halley in 1967 and 1970, the feature was renamed Dawson-Lambton Ice Stream (Thomas, 1973, map p.6; APC, 1982, p.3). The ice stream was delineated from USLANDSAT imagery of 22 February 1974. Dawson-Lambton Glacier (BA chart 4024, 11.ix.1987)

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