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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Dayné Peak (GBR) 64° 54' 00.0" S 63° 35' 00.0" W Peak
Name ID: 108450 Place ID: 3413

rising to 730m in S Wiencke Island, Danco Coast, was photographed and roughly mapped by BeAE in February 1898 (Lecointe, 1903, Carte, 5; 1905, Pl. 12); named Sommet Dayné by FAE, 1903-05, after Pierre Dayné, Italian Alpine guide and a member of the expedition (Charcot, 1906b, p.472). Pic Dayné (Matha and Rey, 1911, Pl. 3 and map following p.616). Dayné Peak (USBGN, 1951, p.16; APC, 1958, p.4; BA chart 3572, 25.vii.1958). Mount Dayné (USHO, 1943, p.133). Pico Dayné (Argentina. MM, 1953, p.284; Pierrou, 1970, p.297; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.94). Monte Dayné, Dainé (Argentina. MM, 1953, p.270, 270a). The peak was resurveyed by FIDS from Norsel in April 1955. Dayne [sic] Peak (BA, 1958, p.84).

Dayné Peak (USA) 64° 54' 00.0" S 63° 36' 00.0" W Peak
Name ID: 124176 Place ID: 3413

Distinctive pyramidal peak, 730 m, immediately NE of Cape Errera, the SW tip of Wiencke Island, in the Palmer Archipelago. Discovered by the BelgAE, 1897-99, under Gerlache. Named by the FrAE, 1903-05, under Charcot, for Pierre Dayne, mountain guide and member of the expedition.

Dayne, Pico (CHL) 64° 54' 00.0" S 63° 36' 00.0" W Peak
Name ID: 105410 Place ID: 3413

Descubierto por la Expedición Antártica Belga, 1897-1899, al mando del teniente Adrien de Gerlache del buque "Bélgica". El nombre fue puesto por la Expedición Antártica Francesa de 1903-1905, al mando del Dr. Jean B. Charcot del buque "Frances", por el guía de montaña y miembro de la expedición, Pierre Dayné. Morro de 722 metros de altura de forma piramidal, se eleva sobre el cabo Errera a corta distancia, al interior, situado en la parte SW de la isla Wiencke, archipiélago de Palmer.

Dayné, pico (ARG) 64° 54' 00.0" S 63° 34' 00.0" W Peak
Name ID: 100632 Place ID: 3413

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