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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Amery Depression (AUS) 68° 15' 00.0" S 74° 30' 00.0" E Depression
Name ID: 393 Place ID: 294

A large gentle depression on the seafloor of Prydz Bay to approximately 900 m deep. The feature occupies the centre of Prydz Bay below 500 m and probably acts a depot centre for sedimentation in Prydz Bay. Named for its association with the Amery Ice Shelf.

Andvord Bay (GBR) 64° 50' 00.0" S 62° 37' 00.0" W Bay
Name ID: 107525 Place ID: 393

SW side of Arctowski Peninsula, Danco Coast, was roughly charted by BeAE, 4-6 February 1898, and named Baie Andvord or Baie d'Andvord, after Rolf Andvord, Belgian Consul in Christiania at that time (Lecointe, map, 1899; 1900a, map facing p.132). Andvord Bay (Cook, 1900, map p.xx; BA chart 1238, viii.1900; APC, 1955, p.4; USBGN, 1956, p.44). Baia Andvord (Gerlache, 1902a). Bahïa Andbort [sic] (Irïzar, 1903, map facing p.4). Andvord Bucht (Nordenskjöld and others, 1904b, Vol.2, first end map). Andvords Vik (Nordenskjöld and others, 1904a, Del. 1, end map). Baie d'Andword [sic] (Lecointe, 1905, p.75). Bahïa Andvord (Riso Patron S., 1908, end map; Pierrou, 1970, p.166; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.28). Anvord [sic] Bay (Lester, 1920-22a, Vol. 1, p.102). Andvord B. (HA chart, 1928). Andvordbukten (Aagaard, 1947, p.855). Andword [sic] Bay (USBGN, 1949, p.3). The bay was photographed from the air by FIDASE, 1956-57. Andvord Baai (Knapp, 1958, p.567). Bukhta Andvord (Soviet Union, MMF chart, 1961).

Andvord Bay (USA) 64° 50' 00.0" S 62° 39' 00.0" W Bay
Name ID: 121828 Place ID: 393

Bay 9 mi long and 3 mi wide, which lies between Beneden Head and Duthiers Point along the W coast of Graham Land. Discovered by the BelgAE, 1897-99, under Gerlache, and named by him for Rolf Andvord, Belgian consul at Christiania (Oslo) at that time.

Andvord, bahía (ARG) 64° 50' 00.0" S 62° 40' 00.0" W Bay
Name ID: 100092 Place ID: 393

En costa Danco. Fue descubierta por la Expedición Antártica Belga de Adrián de Gerlache durante 1897-99 y nominada así en honor del cónsul belga en Cristianía (Oslo), Rolf Andvord, quien facilitó los trámites para la compra del buque expedicionario. Fue publicado en TSAA1. SHN carta H-714.

Andvord, Bahía (CHL) 64° 50' 00.0" S 62° 38' 00.0" W Bay
Name ID: 105105 Place ID: 393

Descubierta por la Expedición Antártica Belga de 1897-1899, al mando del teniente Adrien de Gerlache, quien le dio el nombre que corresponde al de Rolf Andvord, en ese entonces Cónsul de Bélgica en Christiania hoy Oslo Noruega. Bahía de aproximadamente 10 millas de saco y 3 millas de ancho, que se abre entre el cabo Van Beneden y el cabo Lacaze Duthiers, en la costa occidental de la península Tierra de O'Higgins.

Andvord, Baie (BEL) 64° 50' 00.0" S 62° 39' 00.0" W Bay
Name ID: 104887 Place ID: 393

Rolf Andvord était Consul de Belgique à Christiana (Oslo).

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