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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Mount Edred (RUS) 70° 32' 00.0" S 69° 00' 00.0" W Mountain
Name ID: 117841 Place ID: 4084

Mount Edred (GBR) 70° 34' 00.0" S 69° 03' 00.0" W Mountain
Name ID: 108635 Place ID: 4084

rising to c. 2200m near S end of Douglas Range, Alexander Island, was photographed from the air and roughly surveyed by BGLE in October 1936; re-surveyed by FIDS from "Stonington Island" in 1949; in association with the names of Saxon Kings of England in this area, named after Edred (923-55), King of England, 946-55 (APC, 1955, p.9; USHO chart 6638, 1955; DOS 610 sheet W 70 68, 1960). Gora Edred (Soviet Union. MMF chart, 1961).

Mount Edred (USA) 70° 35' 00.0" S 69° 00' 00.0" W Mountain
Name ID: 124688 Place ID: 4084

Prominent ice-covered mountain, 2,195 m, which stands 10 mi inland from George VI Sound and marks the S limit of Douglas Range on Alexander Island. First photographed from the air on Nov. 23, 1935 by Lincoln Ellsworth and mapped from these photos by W.L.G. Joerg. Its E side was roughly surveyed in 1936 by the BGLE and resurveyed in 1949 by the FIDS. Named by the FIDS for Edred, Saxon king of England, 946-955. The W face of the mountain was mapped from air photos taken by the RARE, 1947-48, by Searle of the FIDS in 1960.

Showing all 3 place names.

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