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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Fridtjof Island (GBR) 64° 53' 00.0" S 63° 22' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 108920 Place ID: 4958

in Gerlache Strait, SE of Wiencke Island, Danco Coast, was roughly charted by BeAE, 10-11 February 1898, and named Îlot Fridtjof probably after Dr Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930), Norwegian Arctic explorer; Leader, trans-Greenland expedition, 1888-89, and Norwegian North Polar Expedition, 1893-96; Professor of Oceanography, Christiania (now Oslo) University, 1908-30; Nobel Laureate for peace, 1921-22 (Lecointe, map, 1899). Îlot Fridjof [sic] (Lecointe, 1900a, map facing p. 132). Fridtjof Island (Cook, 1900, map p.xx; BA chart 3205,; APC, 1955, p.10; BA chart 3572, 29.xi.1974). Île Fridtjof (Lecointe, 1903, Carte 5). Isola Fridbjof [sic] (Gerlache, 1902a). Isla Fritjof [sic] ([Jalour], 1907, p.37). Fridjof [sic] Ö (HA chart, 1928). Fridjof [sic] Island (BA chart 3205, 2.ix.1938). Isla Fridjof [sic] (Chile. DNH chart LI, 1947). Isla Fridtjof (Argentina. MM chart 106, 1949; Pierrou, 1970, p.378; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.130). Islote Fridtjof (Argentina. MM, 1953, p.274). The island was recharted from John Biscoe, 1959-67. Isla Fridtjos [sic] (Chile. IGM map 9, 1966).

Fridtjof Island (USA) 64° 53' 00.0" S 63° 22' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 125401 Place ID: 4958

Island lying 1.5 miles NE of Vazquez Island, off the SE side of Wiencke Island in the Palmer Archipelago. Discovered and named by the BelgAE under Gerlache, 1897-99.

Fridtjof, Ile (BEL) 64° 53' 00.0" S 63° 22' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 104933 Place ID: 4958

Du prénom du fils de Johan Bryde, représentant de l'E.A.B. 1897-1899 sur le navire Belgica à Sandefjord.

Fridtjof, isla (ARG) 64° 53' 00.0" S 63° 21' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 100946 Place ID: 4958

Fridtjof, Isla (CHL) 64° 53' 00.0" S 63° 21' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 105578 Place ID: 4958

Probablemente fue denominada por la Expedición Antártica Francesa al mando del Dr. Jean B. Charcot, 1908-1910, en recuerdo del buque sueco del mismo nombre. Isla de 100 metros de altura, situada frente a la costa SE de la isla Wiencke, en el estrecho De Gerlache.

Showing all 5 place names.

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