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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Dome Argus (AUS) 80° 21' 00.0" S 77° 24' 00.0" E Dome
Name ID: 410 Place ID: 501

The highest ice feature (4 000 m+) in Antarctica. It is located within the AAT near the western boundary with Dronning Maud Land, and overlies the Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains. Mapped in detail by radio echo sounding by the Scott Polar Research Institute and formerly designated Dome "A". Named after Argus the ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts in Greek mythology. Note: In Dec 2016, the name was changed from Argus Dome to Dome Argus. Documentation shows the approved name was Dome Argus.

Dome Argus (USA) 81° 00' 00.0" S 77° 00' 00.0" E Dome
Name ID: 121907 Place ID: 501

The highest ice feature in Antarctica, comprising a dome or eminence of just over 4,000 m elevation, located near the center of East Antarctica and approximately midway between the head of Lambert Glacier and the South Pole. At first called "Dome A," details of the morphology of this feature were determined by the SPRI-NSF-TUD airborne radio echo sounding program, 1967-79. Named by SPRI from Greek mythology; Argus built the ship in which Jason and the Argonauts traveled.

Sandford Glacier (AUS) 66° 40' 00.1" S 129° 50' 00.0" E Glacier
Name ID: 501 Place ID: 12704

A glacier flowing westward into the eastern side of Porpoise Bay, Banzare Coast. Delineated from air photographs taken by USN Operation Highjump (1946-47). Named by USACAN after Joseph P. Sandeford, passed midshipman on the brig Porpoise of the US Exploring Expedition (1838-42).

Showing all 3 place names.

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