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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Gam Point (GBR) 61° 55' 21.6" S 57° 57' 16.4" W Point
Name ID: 108957 Place ID: 5089

N side of Esther Harbour, Venus Bay, King George Island, following rough survey by Ferguson in 1913-14, was one of the features called Pyritis Islands, Esther Islands or Pyritic Islands (Pyrites Island, q.v.) (Ferguson, chart, 1918a; 1921, map p.41); photographed from the air by FIDASE in 1956 and shown to be a point rather than an island, the ice margin on the SW side probably having advanced; named Gam Point from the term used by sealers and whalers for the occasions when groups of men from several ships met in one of the ships for a gossip, Esther Harbour being an anchorage frequently used by sealers (APC, 1960, p.4; DOS 610 sheet W 62 56, 1968).

Gam Point (USA) 61° 55' 00.0" S 58° 00' 00.0" W Point
Name ID: 125507 Place ID: 5089

Rocky point 2 mi SE of False Round Point on the N coast of King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands. The point is one of the features named Pyritic or Esther Islands by Scottish geologist David Ferguson in 1913-14. Although Ferguson represented the point as a rocky island separated from the ice cliff of King George Island by a channel 400 ft wide, air photos show that there is no channel. Named by UK-APC in 1960. The word "gam" is an old sealers' and whalers' term for the occasions when groups of men from several vessels met in one of them for a gossip. Nearby Esther Harbor was an anchorage frequently used by sealers.

Gam, punta (ARG) 61° 54' 00.0" S 57° 56' 00.0" W Point
Name ID: 100966 Place ID: 5089

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