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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
George VI Sound (RUS) 71° 00' 00.0" S 68° 00' 00.0" W Sound
Name ID: 118155 Place ID: 5257

George VI Sound (GBR) 71° 00' 00.0" S 68° 00' 00.0" W Sound
Name ID: 109004 Place ID: 5257

a major fault depression separating Alexander Island from Palmer Land and extending from a line joining Cape Brown and Cape Jeremy in the N to Ronne Entrance in the S, was photographed from the air in its central part by Ellsworth, 23 November 1935, the first day of his trans-Antarctic flight (Joerg, 1936, Figs 10, 11 and 12, p.458-59; 1937, Figs 14 and 15, p.440, Fig 16, p.441 and Map B facing p.444); seen from the air at its N end by BGLE, recognized as a major feature and traced S-wards for 75km on flights of 13 March, 15 August and 4 September 1936 (London Times, 12 December 1936 and 27 January 1937; Rymill and others, 1938, p.101-02, 164-65 and 174-75); surveyed from the ground by BGLE as far S as 72 00'S in October-November 1936 (Stephenson, 1940, p.232; Stephenson and Fleming, 1940, p.156-62); named King George the Sixth Sound after George VI (1895-1952), King of England, 1937-52 (RGS, 1938a, p.192; Rymill, 1938a, map facing p.496). King George VI Sound (BA chart 1240, 20.v.1938; APC, 1955, p.13). Konig-Georg-VI-Sund (Hannemann, 1938, p.63). The sound was roughly surveyed from the ground throughout its length to Ronne Entrance by USAS, November 1940-January 1941. Marguerite Bucht, referring to the N entrance (Stocks, chart, 1941). Canal Rey Jorge VI (Rymill and others, 1943, map facing p.272). George the Sixth Sound (Black, 1945, p.9). Estrecho Rey Jorge VI (Argentina. IGM map, 1946). George VI Sound (USBGN, 1947, p.140; USHO chart 2562, 1947; APC, 1959a, p.7; DOS 610 sheets W 69 68, 70 68, 71 68 and 72 68, 1960; BA chart 3571, 14.vii.1961). Kong George VI Sd. (Hansen, chart [no number], 1947). Seno Rey Jorge VI (Chile. DNH chart LIII, 1947). The sound was resurveyed throughout its length as far as Eklund Islands by FIDS from "Stonington Island", October-December 1949 (Fuchs, 1951a). Kuningas Yrjö VI Salmi (Andersson, 1948, map p.329). King George V [sic] Sound (CO, 1949, p.35). Georg den Sjettes Sund (Rønne, 1950b, p.43). Détroit de Roi Georges VI (IHB chart B'scr, 1952). Proliv Georga VI (Buynitskiy, 1953, p.43). Canal Seaver, after Tte. Cor. de Marina Benjamín Seaver (Argentina. MM, 1953, p.306). Proliv Korolya Georga VI (Baranov and others, 1954, map p.283). Proliv Shokal'skogo, after Y.M. Shokal'skiy (Schokalsky Bay, q.v.) (Guretskiy, 1954, p.464). George-VI-Sund (Kosack, 1955a, end map). Canal George VI (Lliboutry, 1956, map p.440). George VI Sd. (France. SHM chart 5879, 1956). George VI Sundet (Frödin, 1956, Front.). Canal Presidente Sarmiento, after Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1811-88), Argentine statesman, writer and educator; President of Argentina, 1868-74 (Argentina. MM chart 110, 1957; Pierrou, 1970, p.600). George VI Sond (Knapp, 1958, p.574). Canale Re Giorgio VI, Giorgio VI Sound, Sound Re Giorgio VIe (Zavatti, 1958, Tav. 6, 9 and 12-13). Prliv JirÄího VI (Bártl, 1958, map facing p. 144). Golfo Giogio [sic] VI (Zavatti, 1960a, p.1419). Canal Jorge VI (Chile. DNH, 1962, p.198; IHA, 1974, p.167). Canal King George VI, as rejected form (Chile. IHA, 1974, p.167). Zaliv Simonova, referring to part of sound N of George VI Ice Front (Soviet Union. AA, 1966, Pl.24). The Russian seasonal station "Soyuz", established on Amery Ice Shelf, AAT, in November 1982, is shown near the sound in 70 35'S 68 47'W, in error for the same E longitude (NGS map, 1987).

George VI Sound (USA) 71° 00' 00.0" S 68° 00' 00.0" W Sound
Name ID: 125624 Place ID: 5257

A major fault depression, 300 mi long in the shape of the letter J, which skirts the L. and S shores of Alexander Island, separating it from Antarctic Peninsula and the English Coast. The sound is ice covered and varies from about 15 mi to more than 40 mi wide. Discovered by Lincoln Ellsworth who flew over it in 1935. Explored by the BGLE in 1936-37 and by the USAS in 1940. Named by Rymill, leader of BGLE, for George VI, King of England.

Jorge VI, Canal (CHL) 71° 00' 00.0" S 68° 00' 00.0" W Sound
Name ID: 105752 Place ID: 5257

Descubierta por Lincoln Ellsworth en el año 1935, fue explorado por la Expedición Antártica Británica que se realizó entre 1936 y 1937, y por el USAS en el año 1940. Denominado por el comandante John Rymill jefe de la BGLE, en conmemoración de George VI Rey de Inglaterra. Canal que separa la isla Alejandro I del continente, su entrada se abre sobre bahía Margarita entre los cabos Brown y Jeremy. El canal está cubierto en su mayor parte por un campo de hielo, presenta aguas libres sólo en una extensión de 30 millas a partir de su entrada N.

Sarmiento, canal (ARG) 72° 00' 00.0" S 68° 00' 00.0" W Sound
Name ID: 102129 Place ID: 5257

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