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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Mount Hassel (NZL) 86° 28' 00.0" S 164° 28' 00.0" W Mountain
Name ID: 113490 Place ID: 6083

One of a group of low-lying peaks barely protruding through the ice-cap covering the South Polar Plateau, rising to a height of about 3261m, about 25 miles south-west of the Thorvald Nilsen Mountains in the Queen Maud Range. Discovered by Amundsen in November 1911 on his journey to the South Pole and named by him for Sverre Hassel, a member of the South Pole Party.

Mount Hassel (USA) 86° 28' 00.0" S 164° 28' 00.0" W Mountain
Name ID: 126278 Place ID: 6083

A rock peak (2,390 m), the northeasternmost summit of the massif at the head of Amundsen Glacier, in the Queen Maud Mountains. In November 1911, a number of mountain peaks in this general vicinity were observed and rudely positioned by the South Pole Party under Roald Amundsen. Amundsen named one of them for Sverre Hassel, a member of the party. The peak described was mapped by USGS from surveys and U.S. Navy aerial photography, 1960-64. For the sake of historical continuity and to commemorate the Norwegian exploration in this area, the US-ACAN has selected this feature to be designated Mount Hassel. Other peaks in the massif have been named for members of Amundsen's South Pole Party.

Showing all 2 place names.

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