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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Aubertisen (NOR) 74° 29' 12.0" S 10° 37' 30.0" W
Name ID: 114816 Place ID: 622

Glaciated area about 27 km long, between Milorgfjella and Sivorgfjella in Heimefrontfjella, S in Maudheimvidda. After Kristian Aubert, b. 1909, fire brigade constable. Undertook many dangerous operations during the Second World War. He was arrested, and died during terrible torture.

Pagodroma Gorge (AUS) 70° 49' 23.6" S 68° 07' 39.1" E Gorge
Name ID: 622 Place ID: 10817

A steep-sided gorge about 6 km long and about 150 m deep joining Radok Lake and Beaver Lake at the eastern end of the Aramis Range, Prince Charles Mountains. Photographed by ANARE aircraft in 1956. The gorge was traversed by A. Medvecky, geologist with the ANARE Prince Charles Mountains survey party in January 1969.Named after the Snow Petrels (Pagodroma nivea) which nest in the weathered sandstone walls of the gorge.

Showing all 2 place names.

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