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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Admiralen Peak (GBR) 62° 06' 19.4" S 58° 29' 31.3" W Peak
Name ID: 107453 Place ID: 84

rising to c. 300m on W side of Admiralty Bay, King George Island, was probably one of the peaks called Le Poing or The Fist (Wegger Peak, q.v.); following surveys by FIDS from Admiralty Bay , 1948-60, and air photography by FIDASE in 1956, named Admiralen Peak after Admiralen (Kapt. S ren Andersen), the first modern floating factory ship, owned by A/S rnen and first operated in Admiralty Bay, January 1906 (Hauken Rock, rnen Rocks, q.v.) (APC, 1960, p.2; BA chart, 1774, 14.ix.1962). Admiration Peak, in error (BA, 1963, p.20).

Admiralen Peak (USA) 62° 06' 00.0" S 58° 30' 00.0" W Peak
Name ID: 121600 Place ID: 84

Peak, 305 m, lying 0.7 mi SSW of Crepin Point at the W side of Admiralty Bay on King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands. In 1908-10 the FrAE under Charcot applied the name "Le Poing" to a feature in this area. It is not clear, however, which of four summits the name refers to and the name has been rejected. This peak was named by the UK-APC in 1960 for the Admiralen, the first modern floating factory ship, which first operated in Admiralty Bay in January 1906.

Doggers Bay (AUS) 69° 05' 00.0" S 69° 06' 00.0" E Bay
Name ID: 84 Place ID: 3730

A bay about 30 km long and 9 km wide on the western side of the Amery Ice Shelf, between Foley promontory and Landon Promontory. Plotted from air photographs taken from ANARE aircraft in 1956,. First visited in November, 1962, by an ANARE dog-sledge party, led by I Landon-Smith, which made a reconnaissance for a route from the plateau on to the Amery Ice Shelf. Named after the dog-sledge party.

Le Poing, Cerro (CHL) 62° 06' 00.0" S 58° 26' 00.0" W Peak
Name ID: 105818 Place ID: 84

Este nombre descriptivo fue dado por la Expedición Antártica Francesa, que dirigió el Dr. Jean B. Charcot, quien cartografió la bahía Almirantazgo en diciembre de 1909. Cerro de 305 metros de altura, sobrepasa al cabo Crépin en el lado W de la entrada a ensenada Mackellar de la bahía Almirantazgo, isla Rey Jorge, islas Shetland del Sur.

Puño, pico (ARG) 62° 06' 00.0" S 58° 29' 00.0" W Peak
Name ID: 101922 Place ID: 84

Showing all 5 place names.

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