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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Liège Island (RUS) 64° 00' 00.0" S 61° 56' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 119074 Place ID: 8434

Liège Island (GBR) 64° 01' 00.0" S 61° 56' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 109828 Place ID: 8434

off NE coast of Brabant Island, Palmer Archipelage. The E coast was roughly charted by BeAE, 23-25 January 1898, and the island named IÎle Liège after the Belgian province of Liège which subscribed to the expedition (Lecointe, chart, 1899; 1900a, map facing p.132; Charcot, 1906a, map facing p.316). Liège Island (Cook, 1900, p.137; BA, 1916, photograph facing p.402; chart 3205, 23.ix.1949; APC 1955, p.13; BA chart 3205, 23.xi.1962). Liege [sic] Island (Cook, 1900, map p.xx; BA chart 1238, ix.1908; 3205, 2.ix.1938; 1948, views facing p.186). Hoseason Island (Liege Island), the two islands being charted as a single island (Hoseason Island, q.v.) (BA chart 3205, Isola Liège (Gerlache, 1902a). Lüttich-Insel [German form] (Cook, 1903, map following p.x). The whole coast of the island was roughly charted by FAE, 1903-05, on 13 February 1905. Liège Insel, Liège Ön, Isla Liege (Nordenskjöld and others, 1904b, Vol.2, first end map; 1904a, Del.1, end map; 1904-05, Tomo 1, end map). Luik Eiland [Dutch form] (Ruys, 1905, map following p.88). Isla Lieja (Rise Patron S., 1908, end map; Pierrou, 1970, p.483; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.184). Liégeöen [sic] (Aagaard, 1930, end map). Liègeøia (Isachsen, 1934, p.134). Liegeøya (Aagaard, 1944, p.32). Liége [sic] Island (USBGN, 1947, p.191; [as rejected form] USBGN, 1956, p.192). Lüttich Island, as rejected form (USBGN, 1947, p.192). The island was photographed from the air by FIDASE, 1956-57. Lieja (Argentina. MM, 1957a, p.116). Ostrov L'yezh (Soviet Union. MMF chart, 1961). Liège (Soviet Union. GUGK map 221, 1973).

Liège Island (USA) 64° 02' 00.0" S 61° 55' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 128015 Place ID: 8434

Island, 9 mi long and 3 mi wide, lying immediate NE of Brabant Island in the Palmer Archipelago. Charted by the BelgAE, 1897-99, under Gerlache, who name it for the province of Liege, Belgium.

Liège, Ile (BEL) 64° 02' 00.0" S 61° 55' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 104954 Place ID: 8434

Ainsi dénommée pour l'aide financière apportée par la province de Liège.

Lieja, isla (ARG) 64° 01' 00.0" S 61° 56' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 101387 Place ID: 8434

Lieja, Isla (CHL) 64° 02' 00.0" S 61° 57' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 105841 Place ID: 8434

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