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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Admiralty Bay (RUS) 62° 07' 00.0" S 58° 27' 00.0" W Bay
Name ID: 116744 Place ID: 86

Admiralty Bay (GBR) 62° 06' 25.0" S 58° 25' 17.1" W Bay
Name ID: 107455 Place ID: 86

S coast of King George Island, between Demay Point and Martins Head, was roughly charted by Powell in 1820-22 and named after the Board of Admiralty (Powell, chart 1822a; BA chart 1238, 1844; APC, 1955, p.4). Georges Bay, King Georges Habour [sic], King Georges Harber [sic], possibly referring to this feature (Pendleton, 1821-23). Baie Admiralty (d'Urville, 1838, map following p.1170). Bah

Admiralty Bay (USA) 62° 10' 00.0" S 58° 25' 00.0" W Bay
Name ID: 121602 Place ID: 86

Irregular bay, 5 mi wide at its entrance between Demay Point and Martins Head, indenting the S coast of King George Island for 10 mi in the South Shetland Islands. The name appears on a map of 1822 by Capt. George Powell, a British sealer, and is now established in international usage.

Almirantazgo, Bahía (CHL) 62° 08' 00.0" S 58° 26' 00.0" W Bay
Name ID: 105092 Place ID: 86

La Expedición Británica cazadora de focas de 1820-1822, al mando del capitán George Powell, en la nave foquera "Dove", hizo un mapa de las islas Shetland del Sur, publicado en 1822, en el que esta bahía figura como Admiralty Bay. El nombre actual, que ha figurado en las cartas chilenas desde 1947, es una traducción de este topónimo al castellano. Bahía de forma irregular que mide 4 millas de ancho en su boca por 9 millas de saco. Se forma en la costa S de la isla Rey Jorge, islas Shetland del Sur.

Deakin Bay (AUS) 68° 22' 59.9" S 150° 10' 00.1" E Bay
Name ID: 86 Place ID: 3433

A wide, open bay on the coast of George V Land, just west of Cape Freshfield. Roughly delineated by the Far East Sledging Party of AAE (1911-14) under Sir Douglas Mawson, who named it after Sir Alfred Deakin, Prime Minister of Australia in 1910.

Lasserre, bahía (ARG) 62° 10' 00.0" S 58° 20' 00.0" W Bay
Name ID: 101341 Place ID: 86

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