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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Mac Farlane, estrecho (ARG) 62° 31' 00.0" S 59° 56' 00.0" W Strait
Name ID: 101436 Place ID: 9270

Mc Farlane, Estrecho (CHL) 62° 31' 00.0" S 59° 58' 00.0" W Strait
Name ID: 105922 Place ID: 9270

El nombre aparece en una carta de 1822, trazada por el capitán George Powell's, foquero inglés, y publicada por H. Laurie, cartógrafo del almirante británico. Denominado así por corresponder al nombre del comandante del bergantín "Dragón" con matrícula de Valparaíso, capitán Robert Mc Farlane, quien participó en expediciones foqueras a las islas Shetland del Sur, durante el año 1820. Estrecho situado entre las islas Greenwich y Livingston, en las islas Shetland del Sur. Estrecho situado entre las islas Greenwich y Livingston, en las islas Shetland del Sur.

McFarlane Strait (RUS) 62° 30' 00.0" S 60° 00' 00.0" W Strait
Name ID: 119313 Place ID: 9270

McFarlane Strait (GBR) 62° 30' 22.7" S 59° 59' 13.2" W Strait
Name ID: 110077 Place ID: 9270

running NW-SE between Greenwich Island and Livingston Island, entered between Williams Point and Duff Point to NW and between Renier Point and Ephraim Bluff to SE, was roughly charted by nineteenth-century American and British sealers and called Yankey Sound (Palmer, 1820-21, 1 December 1820; Hobbs, 1939a, p.41) or Yanky Sound (Burdick, 1820-21, 8 December 1820); later named MacFarlanes Strait, McFarlanes Straits or McFarlane's Straits after Capt. Andrew McFarlane, Master of the brig Dragon (Dragon Cove, q.v.) from Liverpool, who was sealing in the area, 1820-21 (Fildes, 1821a, b). Yankee Sound (Davis, 1821-22, 27 January 1821; Martin, 1940, p.541). Mc. Farlane's Strait (Powell, chart, 1822a). Détroit de Freeman, referring either to this feature or English Strait (Eyriès and Malte-Brun, 1823, map facing p.237). Détroit de McFarlanes (Powell, 1824a, map facing p.5). Duffs Straits, so called after Capt. N. Duff, RN (Duff Point, q.v.) (Weddell, 1825a, map facing p.132). Duffs Strasse (Weddell, 1827, third end map). Mac-Farlanes Strasse (Fildes, 1827, p.460). Macfarlane's Strait (Powell, chart, 1828). Détroit Mac Farlane (d'Urville, 1842, end map). Estrecho de Mac Farlane (Spain. DH chart 458, 1861). Norges Strµde [=Norway strait], Norway Sound (Norske Sund) (Larsen, 1894a, p.130; 1894b, p.343). McFarlane-Strasse (Friederichsen, 1895, p.304). Norske Sund (Petersen, 1895a, p.268). Norwegischer-(Norske-) Sund (Fried- erichsen, 1895, p.304). Norwegischer Sund (Petersen, 1895a, p.268). McFarlane Strait (BA chart 3205,; 25.iii.1937; 1774, 9.vii.1948; APC, 1955, p.14; BA chart 1774, 14.ix.1962). Mc Farlane Sound (Andersson, 1904c, p.215). Mac Farlane-Sund, Mr. [sic] Farlane-Sund (Nordenskjöld and others, 1904b, p.110-11). Détroit de Mac Ferlane [sic] (Charcot, 1912, Pl.1). Détroit de Mac Farlane (Bongrain, 1914, vue 6 following p.60). Mac Farlane Straight [sic] (Lester, 1920-22a, Vol.1, p.31). Macfarlane Strait (Ferguson, 1921, p.43). Mc Forlane [sic] S. (HA chart, 1928). Norges-Stredet (Risting, 1929, map p.33). Mac Farlane Strait (USHO chart 1132, 1930). The strait was recharted by DI in 1935. Détroit de Macfarlane, Détroit Marfarlane [sic], Macfarlane Straits (France. SHM, 1937, p.395). Duff's Strait, referring to British sealers' name (Martin, 1940, p.541). Mc Farlane Stait [sic] (USAAF chart [LR-74], 1942). Estrecho Mac Farlane (Argentina. IGM map, 1946; Pierrou, 1970, p.497). Yankee Sound (McFarlane Strait) (USAAF chart 1737, 1946). Estrecho Mc. Farlane (Chile. DNH chart L, 1947; IHA, 1974, p.197). Estrecho de Mac Farlan [sic] (Gándara Bofil, 1953, p.337). Yankee Strait, referring to American sealers' name (Stackpole, 1955, p.32). The strait was photographed from the air by FIDASE, 1956-57. MacFarland's Strait, in error (USBGN, 1957, p.44). Mac Farlane (Argentina. MM, 1957a, p.69). The strait was surveyed from the ground by FIDS, 1957-59. Stretto Mac Farlane, Stretto McFarlane (Zavatti, 1958, Tav.9). Proliv Mak'farlin (Soviet Union. MMF chart, 1961).

McFarlane Strait (USA) 62° 32' 00.0" S 59° 55' 00.0" W Strait
Name ID: 128658 Place ID: 9270

Strait lying between Greenwich and Livingston Islands, in the South Shetland Islands. The name appears on an 1822 chart by Capt. George Powell, a British sealer, and is now well established in international usage.

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