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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Dobrowolski /Pol./ (RUS) 66° 16' 00.0" S 100° 45' 00.0" E
Name ID: 117727 Place ID: 3714

Dobrowolski Glacier (POL) 62° 05' 00.0" S 58° 17' 00.0" W Glacier
Name ID: 116443 Place ID: 3711

Large glacier at the head of Martel Inlet, between Precious Peaks and Szafer Ridge, Admiralty Bay area. Named in honour of Professor Antoni Boleslaw Dobrowolski (1872-1954), geophisicist and glaciologist, who participated in the Belgica Antarctic expedition (1897-99) under A. de Gerlache de Gomery.

Dobrowolski Glacier (GBR) 62° 05' 13.1" S 58° 15' 32.1" W Glacier
Name ID: 135223 Place ID: 3711

Glacier flowing SW into the head of Martel Inlet, Admiralty Bay, King George Island, South Shetland Islands. Named by the PAE, 1980, after Professor Antoni B. Dobrowolski, a member of the Belgica expedition, 1897-99 (APC, 2003).

Dobrowolski Island (GBR) 64° 36' 00.0" S 62° 55' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 108532 Place ID: 3712

off SE coast of Parker Peninsula, Anvers Island, was charted by DI in 1927 and named Astrolabe Island probably at that time (BA chart 3213, 14.i.1929). Isla Astrolabio (Chile. DNH chart LI, 1947). Astrolabe Islet (BA, 1948, p.195; chart 3213, 6.x.1950). Islote Astrolabe (Argentina. MM chart 106, 1949; Chile. IHA, 1974, p.33). Islote Coria, after a soldier of the Argentine frigate 25 de Mayo killed in a naval battle in 1826 (Argentina. MM, 1953, p.269). Islote Capitán Martínez Canaveri, after the Commander of FATA who died on active service (Argentina. MM chart 129, 1957; Pierrou, 1970, p.237). Following air photography by FIDASE, 1956-57, the island was renamed Dobrowolski Island after Antoni Boles aw Dobrowolski (1872-1954), Polish meteorologist and member of BeAE; author of Historia naturalna lodu [The natural history of ice] (Warsaw, 1923) (APC, 1959a, p.6; BA chart 3566, 16.x.1959).

Dobrowolski Island (USA) 64° 36' 00.0" S 62° 55' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 124406 Place ID: 3712

Small island which lies close to the E coast of Anvers Island, 3 mi SW of Ryswyck Point, in the Palmer Archipelago. Charted in 1927 by DI personnel on the Discovery, who gave the name Astrolabe Island. To avoid duplication, the name was changed in 1958 by the UK-APC; Dobrowolski Island is named after Antoni B. Dobrowolski (1872-1954), assistant meteorologist of the BelgAE which explored this area in 1898.

Dobrowolski Peak (POL) 61° 57' 00.0" S 58° 14' 00.0" W Peak
Name ID: 116444 Place ID: 3713

Peak in the Arktowski Mountains. Named in honour of Professor Antoni B. Dobrowolski.

Dobrowolski Station (A.B.) (POL) 66° 16' 30.0" S 100° 45' 00.0" E
Name ID: 116445 Place ID: 3714

Polish Antarctic Station at Burger Hills. Name introduced in honour of Prof. Antoni B. Dobrowolski (1872-1954), geophysicist and glaciologist, who participated in the Belgica Antarctic Expedition (1877-79). The station originally built by the Soviet Antarctic Expeditions in 1956 and named Oasis, has been given by the Soviet Academy of Sciences to the Polish Academy of Sciences in January 1959.

Showing all 7 place names.

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