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Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type
Smyley Island (RUS) 72° 55' 00.0" S 78° 00' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 120658 Place ID: 13555

Smyley Island (GBR) 72° 55' 00.0" S 78° 00' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 111241 Place ID: 13555

forming SW side of Ronne Entrance, English Coast, and lying between Carroll Inlet and Stange Sound, was seen from the air by USAS in December 1940 but not recognized as an island. The name Cape Ashley Snow was applied to ice shelf projecting from the NW part of the island after Ashley C. Snow (Snow Nunataks, q.v.) (USAAF chart [LR-74], 1942), but this name was later changed to Cape Smiley [sic] after Capt. William Horton Smyley, Master of the sealing ship Ohio from Newport, RI, who visited the South Shetland Islands (landing at Deception Island) and Palmer Archipelago, and may have sailed further S-ward, 1841-42; US Commercial Agent in the Falkland Islands in 1853 (USAAF chart [LR-]74, 1943; USBGN, 1947, p.233; 1949, p.51). The name of Smyley in the form Smilies [sic] Island, for a feature in c. 72°S, S of Alexander Island, appears on a globe, made by Gilman Joslin of Boston and copyrighted by Charles Copley in Washington in 1852 (now in the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia), but it cannot necessarily be inferred from this that Smyley sailed S of Alexander Island (Balch, 1909b, p.37). Cape Snow (Ronne, 1945, map p.14). Cabo Smiley [sic] (Argentina. IGM map, 1946). Kapp Smiley [sic] (Hansen, chart [no number], 1947). Cap Smiley [sic] (France. SHM chart 5879, 1956). Cape Smyley (USBGN, 1956, p.284; NGS map, 1957b). Capo Smiley [sic] (Zavatti, 1958, Tav. 6). Mys Stayli [sic] (Soviet Union. MMF chart, 1961). Cabo Smyley (Chile. DNH, 1962, p.204; IHA, 1974, p.264). Mys Smayli (Soviet Union. AA, 1966, Pl. 24). Following air photography by USN, 1965-66, the name of Smyley was transferred to the island delineated from the photographs. Smyley Island (USGS sketch map Bryan Coast-Ellsworth Land, 1968; USBGN, 1969, p.181; APC, 1975, p.5; BAS sheet Misc. 2, 1981). Ashley Snow Island, in error (Fullard and Darby, 1973, map 15).

Smyley Island (USA) 72° 55' 00.0" S 78° 00' 00.0" W Island
Name ID: 131815 Place ID: 13555

An ice-covered island, 38 mi long and from 8 to 21 mi wide, lying at the S side of Ronne Entrance and just NE of Rydberg Peninsula, Ellsworth Land. The feature is almost wholly surrounded by an ice shelf, which gives an erroneous impression that the island is joined to Ellsworth Land. This larger composite feature was observed from aircraft by members of the USAS, 1939-41, who gave the name "Cape Smyley" to the projecting ice shelf at the NW extremity. The US-ACAN has withdrawn that name on the basis of the 1968 USGS map of the area and has approved the name Smyley Island for the island described. Named after Capt. William H. Smyley, American master of the sealing vessel Ohio during 1841-42. Capt. Smyley, in Feb. 1842, recovered the self-recording thermometer left at Pendulum Cove, Deception Island, by Capt. Henry Foster of the be 0.5F.

Showing all 3 place names.

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