Citation details for metadata record Tags_heard_1949 - Elephant Seal Sightings, Heard Island (1949 to 1960)

Under the spirit of the AAp Data Policy it is an expected behavioural norm that any person intending to access and use AAp data will, as a matter of practice, contact the data originator to discuss intended usage before applying the data.

If you are citing work relating to this metadata record, include the following in the references section of your paper. This is the bibliographic reference for the dataset and the metadata record that describes it:

Burton, Harry and Watts, Dave John (2006, updated 2014) Elephant Seal Sightings, Heard Island (1949 to 1960) Australian Antarctic Data Centre - CAASM Metadata (

Furthermore, any data sources you have used should be listed and cited in the methods section of your paper. If the publisher in question will not allow a dataset to be listed in the references section, as a last resort, include a "casual" citation in the acknowledgements section. For example:

We would like to thank [person/organisation] for providing [data] (doi: [doi, if available])