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GIS Datasets

1:1 million SQ 41-42 Mawson

1:1 million SR 41-42 Northern Prince Charles Mountains

1:1 million SR 43-44 Ingrid Christensen Coast

Amery Ice Shelf region


Australian Antarctic Territory

Bathymetry of approaches to Casey Station

Bathymetry of approaches to Davis Station

Bathymetry of approaches to Mawson Station

Beaver Lake and Loewe Massif, Prince Charles Mountains

Bunger Hills

Cape Denison (Mapping from IKONOS satellite imagery captured January 2001)

Cape Denison (Survey by G.Crispo, December 1985)

Cape Denison (Various sources including digitised from 1:3300 scale map)




Dog Tracks

Fisher Massif, Prince Charles Mountains


Heard and McDonald Islands

Heard Island Region

Holme Bay and Framnes Mountains

Larsemann Hills

Law Dome

Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island Region

Macquarie Island Station


Mawson Local Area

Mt Menzies, Prince Charles Mountains

Platcha, Vestfold Hills

Prydz Bay Bathymetry

Rauer Group

Robinson Group

Scullin and Murray Monoliths

Southern Hemisphere Oceans

Southern Prince Charles Mountains

Taylor Rookery

Thala Valley, Casey Station

Vestfold Hills

Wilkins Aerodrome

Windmill Islands

Windmill Islands Geology and Geomorphology