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GIS Datasets


Category Filename Description Filesize Filetype Last Modified
Culture bunding.zip Bunding 2.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Culture electrical.zip Electrical 22.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Culture mawson_aerials_sept08.zip Mawson aerials 7.00 kB Shapefile 2-Sep-2008
Culture mawson_buildings_may2012.zip Mawson buildings 10.16 kB Shapefile 25-May-2012
Culture mawson_fire_hydrants_hoses_may2013.zip Mawson fire hydrants and fire hoses 3.62 kB Shapefile 31-May-2013
Culture mawson_masts_sept08.zip Mawson masts 3.05 kB Shapefile 2-Sep-2008
Culture pedestrian.zip Pedestrian 6.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Culture ggutm41.par Projection file 1.00 kB 1-Jan-1997
Culture roads.zip Roads 10.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Culture storage.zip Storage 23.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Culture structures.zip Structures, bollards, cable supports, monuments, wind turbines. 37.00 kB Shapefile 6-Dec-2007
Culture tank.zip Tanks 9.00 kB Shapefile 6-Dec-2007
Culture apparatus.zip Tide gauges, physics and meteorological equipment. 6.00 kB Shapefile 6-Dec-2007
Operations mawson_aeronautical_mar10.zip Mawson approach and departure paths and helicopter landing areas 8.04 kB Shapefile 23-Mar-2010
Operations management.zip Station management zones 240.00 kB Shapefile 6-Dec-2007
Other readme.txt Readme file 1.00 kB Text 16-Nov-2006
Topographic blue_ice.zip Blue ice 16.00 kB Shapefile 6-Dec-2007
Topographic coast.zip Coast 156.00 kB Shapefile 1-Mar-2004
Topographic contour.zip Contours 1.19 MB Shapefile 11-Dec-2001
Topographic topopoly.zip Crevasse fields, exposed rock and lakes 600.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Topographic topoline.zip Crevasses and cliffs 80.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001