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GIS Datasets

1:1 million SQ 41-42 Mawson

Category Filename Description Filesize Filetype Last Modified
Culture station_and_refuges.zip Mawson Station and refuges 2.00 kB Shapefile 23-Aug-2004
Culture route.zip Routes 6.00 kB Shapefile 2-Jul-2004
Operations landing_area.zip Helicopter landing area 1.00 kB Shapefile 24-Aug-2004
Other sq4142_graticule.zip 1:1 million data for tile SQ 41-42 Mawson. Line data as used for the graticule (lines of latitude and longitude) on the 1:1 million map. 94.23 kB Shapefile 20-Oct-2009
Other mapping_extent.zip Mapping extent 11.00 kB Shapefile 23-Aug-2004
Other gglamb.par Projection file 1.00 kB 1-Jul-1997
Other readme.txt Readme file 1.00 kB Text 16-Nov-2006
Topographic bathymetry.zip Bathymetric contours and areas 10.77 MB Shapefile 7-Jun-2007
Topographic coast.zip Coastline, continent and islands 551.00 kB Shapefile 23-Aug-2004
Topographic contours.zip Contours and hypsometric areas 804.00 kB Shapefile 23-Aug-2004
Topographic topoline.zip Crevasses and ice flow lines 27.00 kB Shapefile 25-Aug-2004
Topographic topopoly.zip Exposed rock, moraines, lakes and ice features 583.00 kB Shapefile 7-Jun-2007
Topographic spot_heights.zip Spot heights 8.00 kB Shapefile 23-Aug-2004