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GIS Datasets

Rauer Group

Category Filename Description Filesize Filetype Last Modified
Culture rauer_refuges_aug11.zip Rauer Group refuges 1.47 kB Shapefile 4-Aug-2011
Operations rauer_aeronautical_aug11.zip Rauer Group helicopter landing areas and approach and departure paths 10.01 kB Shapefile 4-Aug-2011
Thematic rauer_penguins_linhof.zip Penguin colonies digitised from Linhof aerial photography 56.00 kB Shapefile 1-Apr-2005
Thematic rauer_flying_bird_colonies.zip Rauer Group flying bird colonies 25.85 kB Shapefile 4-Aug-2011
Topographic rauer_coastline.zip Rauer Group 1:50000 Topographic Dataset. Coastline (line), continent (polygon) and islands (polygon). 590.00 kB Shapefile 14-Dec-2006
Topographic rauer_contours.zip Rauer Group 1:50000 Topographic Dataset. Contours. 1.97 MB Shapefile 12-Apr-2005
Topographic rauer_rock_water_bodies.zip Rauer Group 1:50000 Topographic Dataset. Exposed rock and water bodies. Includes lakes. 305.00 kB Shapefile 15-Jun-2005