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GIS Datasets


Category Filename Description Filesize Filetype Last Modified
Culture dem.zip Break lines 86.00 kB Shapefile 29-May-2001
Culture davis_aerials_jul2013.zip Davis aerials 5.93 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture davis_buildings_jul2013.zip Davis buildings 9.10 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture davis_buildings_heights_levels_dec02.zip Davis buildings heights and levels (top, ground), surveyed December 2002 8.65 kB Shapefile 12-Jan-2011
Culture davis_bunds_jul2013.zip Davis bunds 1.81 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture davis_structures_jul2013.zip Davis cable supports, concrete pads, culvert, fences, radomes, ramps and wharf 23.00 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture davis_cables_jul2013.zip Davis cables 17.43 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture davis_fire_hydrants_hoses_july2013.zip Davis fire hydrants and fire hoses 3.20 kB Shapefile 12-Jul-2013
Culture davis_masts.zip Davis masts 3.00 kB Shapefile 20-Nov-2007
Culture davis_pipes_jul2013.zip Davis pipes 18.10 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture davis_poles_jul2013.zip Davis poles 3.38 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture davis_roads_jul2013.zip Davis roads 62.26 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture davis_stairs_stairlandings_jul2013.zip Davis stairs and stair landings 4.64 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture davis_storage_jul2013.zip Davis storage areas and quarry stockpile 1.90 kB Shapefile 3-Jul-2013
Culture ggutm43.par Projection file 1.00 kB 12-May-1999
Culture tanks.zip Tanks 19.00 kB Shapefile 20-Nov-2007
Culture davis_apparatus.zip Tide gauges, physics and meteorological equipment. 5.00 kB Shapefile 20-Nov-2007
Operations davis_aeronautical_mar10.zip Davis approach and departure paths and helicopter landing areas. 12.11 kB Shapefile 22-Mar-2010
Operations davis_management_zones_sept09.zip Davis management zones 171.70 kB Shapefile 10-Nov-2009
Other readme.txt Readme file 1.00 kB Text 16-Nov-2006
Topographic blue_ice.zip Blue ice 3.00 kB Shapefile 6-Dec-2007
Topographic topoline.zip Cliffs, embankments, streams. 121.00 kB Shapefile 6-Dec-2007
Topographic topopoly.zip Cuttings, bare earth, lakes. 170.00 kB Shapefile 6-Dec-2007
Topographic davis_coastline.zip Davis coastline (line), continent (polygon) and islands (polygon) 36.16 kB Shapefile 22-Feb-2011
Topographic davis_contour_1k.zip Davis contours mapped at 1:1000 scale 6.30 MB Shapefile 29-May-2001
Topographic davis_contour_4k.zip Davis contours mapped at 1:4000 scale 3.22 MB Shapefile 29-May-2001
Topographic davis_spot_ht_1k.zip Davis spot heights mapped at 1:1000 scale 28.00 kB Shapefile 29-May-2001
Topographic davis_spot_ht_4k.zip Davis spot heights mapped at 1:4000 scale 18.00 kB Shapefile 29-May-2001