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Macquarie Island Station

Category Filename Description Filesize Filetype Last Modified
Culture macstn_bunds_sept08.zip Bunds 1.55 kB Shapefile 2-Sep-2008
Culture comms_cables.zip Communications cables 6.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Culture electrical.zip Electrical 7.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Culture fuelline.zip Fuel pipelines 1.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Culture macstn_antennas_jan2014.zip Macquarie Island Station antennas 3.68 kB Shapefile 12-Jan-2015
Culture macstn_buildings_jan2014.zip Macquarie Island Station buildings 8.76 kB Shapefile 12-Jan-2015
Culture macstn_fire_hydrants_feb10.zip Macquarie Island Station fire hydrants 1.62 kB Shapefile 3-Feb-2010
Culture macstn_masts_jan20141.zip Macquarie Island Station masts 2.00 kB Shapefile 12-Jan-2015
Culture macstn_roads_jan2014.zip Macquarie Island Station roads 17.74 kB Shapefile 14-Jan-2015
Culture macstn_stairs_landings_nov2013.zip Macquarie Island Station stairs and stair landings, including the tourist walkway and viewing platform 4.63 kB Shapefile 19-Nov-2013
Culture ggutm57.par Projection File 1.00 kB Text 14-Apr-1999
Culture sewage.zip Sewage pipelines 1.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Culture tanks.zip Tanks 3.00 kB Shapefile 1-Mar-2004
Operations maccastn_aeronautical_mar10.zip Macquarie Island Station helicopter landing areas 1.83 kB Shapefile 23-Mar-2010
Operations macstn_management_zones_jan2014.zip Macquarie Island Station management zones 58.66 kB Shapefile 14-Jan-2015
Operations nav_guides.zip Navigation guides 1.00 kB Shapefile 20-Jan-2006
Other readme.txt Readme file 1.00 kB Text 16-Nov-2006
Topographic topoline.zip Cliffs and watercourses 28.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Topographic coastgg.Z Coast 277.00 kB ArcInfo interchange 14-Apr-1999
Topographic topopoly.zip Lakes, rock and vegetation 616.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001
Topographic macstn_contours.zip Macquarie Island Station contours 1.51 MB Shapefile 11-Dec-2001
Topographic macstn_spot_heights_apr2012.zip Natural surface levels at The Isthmus and Wireless Hill, Macquarie Island, surveyed April 2012.
Elevations are above Mean Sea Level.
83.29 kB Shapefile 19-Nov-2013
Topographic waterline.zip Water pipelines 2.00 kB Shapefile 30-May-2001