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Report Title : ADBEX I Cruise 1982/1983 Sample Station Log.

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Authors: Williams R, O'Sullivan D, Kirkwood J. Custodian So Kawaguchi
Description: ADBEX I Cruise 1982/1983 Sample Station Log.
Download: No document to download. Contact AAD Records using the TRIM reference of LB11/228 to obtain the document.
Fieldwork Location(s): Prydz Bay, Antarctica
Years: 1982/1983
Report Type: Sample station log
Keywords: Krill, Prydz Bay, biomass, ADBEX
Metadata ADBEX_I_zoo - Nella Dan: ADBEX I Cruise - Zooplankton data
Voyages 1982/83 V2 ( ADBEX1 ) (see voyage details at AADC)

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TRIM Reference LB11/228
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