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The Data Centre's Request System is the primary mechanism for servicing requests and getting feedback on our activities. All requests (including verbal and e-mail) are entered into this system. Requests are examined as quickly as possible and prioritised on the basis of urgency, achievability, utility and generality.

If you need to follow up a request, please note the identification number of the request that will appear on the next page. Use the identification number at the bottom of this form to see what actions the Data Centre has taken.

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Applications Development - Database design including schemas used, associated programming and software design
Data - Help with finding data. data manipulation, storage and retrieval.
Data Navigator - Specific requests related to Data Navigator data, functionality and suggested improvements.
General - Information generally related to the Australian Antarctic Data Centre. Covers data management and the mapping program.
Geographic Data - Anything to do with Geographic Information Systems and associated information, including satellite imagery.
Manager - For queries relating directly to the manager of the Australian Antarctic Data Centre.
Map Curator - Help regarding accessing aerial photography, space imagery and hardcopy & digital maps.
Mapping and Surveying - Requests for resources of the Mapping Program
Metadata - Issues with creating, editing metadata records
Names - Related to the Antarctic Gazetteer
Search - Issues with searching using text or spatial tools
Web Site - Data Centre web site navigation and content

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