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River Fitzroy

Ship Details

Official Ship Name River Fitzroy
Call sign
Expedition capacity
Crew capacity 62
Fuel type

Fuel capacity
Length (overall) 136 m
Breadth (overall) 17 m
Draft (overall) 7.5 m
Gross tonnage tonnes
Normal sea speed 12 knots
Ice Class

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Catalogue id
SS River Fitzroy - Official No.159724. 5,001t gross, 2,780t net, 8,555t deadweight. Dimensions: 449ft 2ins x 56ft 8ins x 24ft 7ins. Built at Evans Deakin & Co. Ltd. Brisbane, this vessel was one of the 1st 4 built to Plan No.H66. It was ordered 19/06/1941, keel laid 20/12/1941, launched 22/04/1944 and completed 16/11/1944. It had a complete shelter deck with forecastle. Accomodation for Captain, Officers, Engineers, Wireless Operator, Stewards, Pilot and 1 passenger was amidships. Accomodation for Seamen, Firemen, Trimmers, Gunners was arranged aft. The complement totalled 62 including 8 Gunners. The deck machinery consisted of 10 - 5 ton derricks and 1 - 20 ton heavy derrick. Also 11 - 8x12 inch steam winches, including warping winch. The propulsion machinery - built by Commonwealth Government Marine Engine Works, Brisbane - was the triple expansion steam type with an exhaust turbine fitted. Giving an average service speed of 12 knots. In 1951 due to the breakdown of Labuan, q.v, the "River Fitzroy" made a relief voyage to Macquarie Island for the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition. The A.U.S.N. Co. Ltd. was appointed to operate the "River Fitzroy" until Oct.1947 when management was transferred to the Ausralian Shipping Board. Management of the vessel was transferred to the Australian National Line in Mar.1957. The vessel was then sold through Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha to Amakasu Sangyo Kisen K.K. in Mar.1963 for demolition. The "River Fitzroy", with "River Murchison", left Sydney Mar.1963 in tow of the tug "Nissho Maru" for Japan and demolition commenced May.1963 at Yokosuku.

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Voyage Cruise Name Dates Voyage Leader Objectives
1950/51 V2   28-Apr-1951 to 19-May-1951   Phillip Garth Law   Changeover voyage