Voyage details: 2012/13 VMS

General Voyage Information

Season/Voyage 2012/13 Voyage VMS
Cruise Name SIPEX II - Sea Ice Physics Experiment
Voyage Classification Marine Science
Ship Aurora Australis Details

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Catalogue id
Pumping fuel to Mirny
McCormack, David (Dave)
Leader Voyage Leader: Andy Cianchi
Voyage Objectives This project will measure the physical and biological properties of sea ice on small-to-regional scales using ice coring surveys, remotely-operated and autonomous underwater vehicles, drifting buoys and instrumented helicopters. Data collected will enhance our understanding of sea ice in Antarctic climate and ecosystem processes and will be utilised in the validation of satellite-derived products and the parameterisation of sea ice processes in climate and ecosystem models.
Voyage Reports

No reports known - if you know of any, please contact the Data Centre and we can add them.

Schedule Skeds not available for this voyage.
Voyage Track
Spatial Bounds of voyage
41° 57.0' S
113° 19.9' E 148° 48.3' E
65° 20.0' S

Voyage Data and Activities

Voyage activities

    Underway Data & Voyage Tracks 545047 positions recorded.

    Data from 13-Sep-2012 04:40 UT to 15-Nov-2012 17:58 UT

    For data quality, methods used etc., see 201213001 - Aurora Australis Voyage VMS 2012/13 Track and Underway Data (SIPEX II) at GCMD


Weather plot of voyage

Science Projects

Note - this page lists projects where there has been some requirements logged. This may include requests that are not directly associated with any science performed on the ship.

No Australian Antarctic Science Projects for voyage. See Current and Previous Projects for details on other projects.