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Smart, B. and Van Rees Hoets, M. (2021) Surveys conducted within the Davis Station Area, 2019, Ver. 1, Australian Antarctic Data Centre - doi:10.26179/ktpy-zx90, Accessed: 2021-08-05
Surveys conducted within the Davis Station Area, 2019
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Australian Antarctic Data Centre, Australia
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A summation of survey tasks conducted within the Davis Station surrounds is as follows:
• Priority 1 – Wharf Area: Feature survey of a designated area surrounding the Davis wharf at a 10m grid spacing. However, due to the small area of the wharf, a 10m external buffer was applied to ensure there are no data gaps on completion of the survey and a 5m natural surface grid was collected including all services that were joined or contained within the region.

• Priority 2 – Feature survey of a designated area to the North East of the Bureau of Meteorology and General Science buildings. A region approximately 150m x 380m. A detailed pickup of the existing electrical, optic fiber, telecommunication lines, high frequency radio mast and guide wires were collected including the location of the BoM instruments. Natural surface collection was collected at a 10m grid spacing.

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Station/Strategic Infrastructure Project 5135 required terrestrial survey data for various regions within Davis Station including a geotechnical detail survey of the current wharf and potential container laydown location. This is in conjunction with hydrographical survey data that was collected in early 2019 by the Royal Australian Navy hydro-survey section. The required regions for the geotechnical survey were broken into two priority areas.


The equipment utilised was supplied from the ADF, a Trimble R8 GNSS Real Time Kinematic (RTK) system. The system consisted of three Trimble R8 receivers and two TSC3 hand controllers, with RTK and Logging utilised for all surveys.

All grid coordinate values are based on the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection, Zone 43 South. The survey data has been captured utilising the datum WGS84 and all coordinates based on the AAD provided coordinates for D3 (WGS84). During each survey, the data was captured using the RTK and Logging survey style, so there are RINEX converted files that are ready for submission to Geoscience Australia (AUSPOS) on return to Australia to verify the survey control coordinates.

Station Name D3
Datum WGS84
UTM Zone 43 South
Easting 621063.960m (AAD survey control)
Northing 2390025.890m (AAD survey control)
MSL Height 23.070m (AAD survey control)
Source AAD Data Centre, Kingston


These data are publicly available for download from the provided URL.

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  • van rees hoets, matthew (INVESTIGATOR)
  • mazurek, richard (DIF AUTHOR)

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