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Bindoff, N., Phillips, H., Rintoul, S., Rosenberg, M. (2019, updated 2019) in2018_v05 RV Investigator CTD data Australian Antarctic Data Centre - CAASM Metadata (
in2018_v05 RV Investigator CTD data
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Australian Antarctic Data Centre, Australia
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Oceanographic measurements were collected aboard RV Investigator cruise in1805 (CSIRO voyage designation in2018_v05) from 16th October to 16th November 2018, along a number of transects across a standing meander of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current between 148o and 156oE. A total of 77 CTD vertical profile stations were taken on the cruise, most to within 12 metres of the bottom. Over 1900 Niskin bottle water samples were collected for the measurement of salinity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients (phosphate, nitrate+nitrite, silicate, ammonium and nitrite), chlorophyll, POC and DOC, and for incubation experiments, using a 36 bottle rosette sampler. Full depth current profiles were collected by an LADCP attached to the CTD package. Upper water column current profile data were collected by a ship mounted ADCP (75 kHz and 150 kHz). Data coverage was increased by additional transects towing a Triaxus towed CTD system. A microstructure profiler was deployed at many of the CTD stations. Meteorological and water property data were collected by the array of ship's underway sensors. An oceanographic mooring was deployed at 55o 32.544’S , 150o 52.332’E, and a series of floats and drifters were deployed. Bathymetry was collected by the ship’s multibeam system.

The data set contains CTD 2dbar averaged data, and Niskin bottle data (core hydrochemistry of salinity, dissolved oxygen and nutrients), in text and matlab formats, and a full data report. A WOCE (CCHDO) 'exchange' format version of the data is also available on request.

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  • Conductivity Temperature Depth


  • bindoff, nathan (INVESTIGATOR)
  • rintoul, steve (INVESTIGATOR)
  • rosenberg, mark (TECHNICAL CONTACT,DIF AUTHOR)

Use Constraints

The data originators IMAS and ACECRC Australia should be acknowledged in any publication,
including internal reports, published reports, journal articles, presentations etc.
The following reference can be used for the data:

Rosenberg, M., Phillips, H. and Bindoff, N. (unpublished) RV Investigator Marine Science
Cruise IN1805(CSIRO VOYAGE DESIGNATION IN2018_V05), STANDING MEANDER OF THE ACC - oceanographic field measurements and analysis. ACECRC, Hobart, April 2019 unpublished report, 63 pp.

Please do not redistribute the data without including the README file and the data report.

This data set conforms to the CCBY Attribution License (

Please follow instructions listed in the citation reference provided at when using these data.

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