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1995/96 - Adelie penguins from Petrel Island, Dumont D'Urville

Purpose:- Track penguins from Petrel Island in conjunction with the ship-based krill survey (1995/96 V4 BROKE voyage)
Span:- From 15-Dec-1995 to 20-Jan-1996
Publications:- Wienecke, B.C., Lawless, R., Rodary, D., Bost, C.A., Thomson, R., Pauly, T., Robertson, G., Kerry, K.R. and LeMaho, Y. (2000) Adélie penguin foraging behaviour and krill abundance along the Wilkes and Adélie land coasts, Antarctica. Deep-Sea Research Part II 47 2573-2587 (View)
Taxa:- Pygoscelis adeliae (Hombron and Jacquinot,1841) (Adelie Penguin) Profile
Data types:- Argos PTT. Time-Depth-Recorder.
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Map from processed data - averaged into a resolution of 0.1 degree positions