List of Antarctic Environmental Gradient (AEG) Core Sites

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Bioregion NameDescription Classification Approximate Location Overview Map
Crozet Islands / Possession Island Possession, Est, Cochons, Pingouins, Apotres Subantarctic Island 45.95-46.5S, 50.33-52.58E Map
Heard Island includes McDonald Island Subantarctic Island 52.97-53.2S, 72.36-73.83E Map
Hope bay / Esperanza Maritime Antarctic -63 -57 Map
Juan Carlos I Maritime Antarctic -62 -60 Map
Kerguelen Islands Subantarctic Island 48.58-49.73S, 68.72-70.58E Map
King George Island Maritime Antarctic -62 -58 Map
Larsemann Hills Coastal Continental Antarctic -69 76 Map
Marion Island Subantarctic Island -47 38 Map
Mars Oasis Maritime Antarctic -71 -68 Map
Palmer Maritime Antarctic -64 -63 Map
Primavera Maritime Antarctic -64 -61 Map
Rothera Point Maritime Antarctic -67 -68 Map
Signy Island Maritime Antarctic -60 -45 Map
Thala Hills / Syowa Molodezhnaya Coastal Continental Antarctic 65-70S, 30-60E Map
Vestfold Hills Coastal Continental Antarctic -68 78 Map
Victoria Land South / Dry Valleys Granite Harbour, Ross Island, McMurdo coastline Continental Antarctic 75-80S, 150-180E Map
Windmill Islands Casey, Wilkes Coastal Continental Antarctic 65-70S, 105-135E Map