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Leopard Seal census, Heard Island 1987/88

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©Kirkwood, Roger 2003
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Leopard seal
Kirkwood, Roger

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Harry Burton
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During the 5-1/2 months on the island most of the beaches were surveyed regularly for seals (3 species) and fishing debris. Leopard Sea surveys were made daily in the first three months for the Four Bays. In the last three months they were continued on a daily basis for Atlas Cove and Corinthlan Bay and once every three days for South West Bay.
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Data collection complete
Leopard Seals, Harry Burton (1989) Heard Island 1987/1988 ANARE report p138
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Resource Code: - leo-hi
Resource Name: - Leopard Seal census, Heard Island 1987/88
Keywords: - census, haul-out, 4 beaches
Basis of Record: - Observation

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Subantarctic Island - Heard Island

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Spatial Coverage
53° 00' 57.6" S to 53° 03' 18.0" S | -53.0160° to -53.0550°
73° 21' 53.3" E to 73° 27' 00.0" E | 73.3648° to 73.4500°
Date Range of Collection
21-Sep-1987 to 16-Feb-1988
Heard_Island_Report_1987_1988 - The 1987/1988 Field Season at Heard Island