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Southern Giant Petrel census data within the Australian Antarctic Territory

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Johnstone, Gavin W

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Barbara Wienecke
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Historic field reports and other primary literature were re-examined and intrepreted into a consistent format for an analysis of the Southern Giant Petrel Macronetes giganteus census data within the Australian Antarctic Territory. Population data has been forwarded to Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) for their species assessments.
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Data collection complete
Wienecke, B., Leaper, R., Hay, I., van den Hoff, J. (2009) Retrofitting historical data in population studies: southern giant petrels in the Australian Antarctic Territory Endangered Species Research 8. 157-164. See
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Resource Code: - sgp_census
Resource Name: - Southern Giant Petrel census data within the Australian Antarctic Territory
Keywords: - census
Basis of Record: - Observation

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Coastal Continental Antarctic - Gaussberg / Bunger Hills
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Mac Robertson Land Coast
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Vestfold Hills
Coastal Continental Antarctic - Windmill Islands

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Spatial Coverage
66° 13' 37.6" S to 68° 37' 59.9" S | -66.2271° to -68.6333°
62° 29' 13.6" E to 110° 09' 57.2" E | 62.4871° to 110.1659°
Date Range of Collection
1-Jan-1956 to 27-Jan-2007
sgp_census_a - Southern giant petrels AAT