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Antarctic Marine Protists species checklist

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Fiona Scott
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Protists are microscopic algae and protozoa, formerly thought of as single-celled plants and animals. Planktonic protists constitute the base of marine food webs and play a key role in the exchange of carbon dioxode between the atmosphere and the ocean. This list is of protists that live in the surface waters and sea-ice south of the Antarctic Polar Front.
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Diatoms, Protists,
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Data collection complete
Species checklist derived from the book Antarctic Marine Prostists (2005) edited by Fiona J. Scott and Harvey J. Marchant. (ISBN 0 642 56835 9)
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Resource Code: - protists_checklist
Resource Name: - Antarctic Marine Protists species checklist
Keywords: - prostists, southern ocean
Basis of Record: - Derived (from literature)

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