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RMT Trawl catch from the 1985/86 V1 ADBEX III voyage

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Nella Dan was beset off the Enderby Coast out from Mount Biscoe. The ice was 13 feet thick and held the Nella Dan for 52 days from October, until released by the Japanese 30,000 horsepower icebreaker Shirase Digging Nella Dan out
Butler, Rowan

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Graham Hosie
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RMT Trawl catch from the 1985/86 V1 ADBEX III voyage. Records updated and validated July 2010.
Taxa Groups
Fish, Zooplankton,

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Data collection complete
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Resource Code: - trawl_adbex3
Resource Name: - RMT Trawl catch from 1985/86 V1 ADBEX III voyage
Keywords: - Station Number, Haul Type, RMT Biomass, Weight, Flowmeter, Latitude, Longitude, Time Date, Ice, Sea State,Density, Sea Floor, Dive Maturity
Basis of Record: - Specimen

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Spatial Coverage
59° 19' 00.1" S to 65° 40' 00.1" S | -59.3167° to -65.6667°
51° 11' 30.1" E to 63° 51' 36.0" E | 51.1917° to 63.8600°
Date Range of Collection
8-Oct to 25-Nov-1985
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1985/86 V1 ADBEX3 (details) 894 search
ADBEX_III_krill - Nella Dan: ADBEX III Cruise - Krill and zooplankton data