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Invertebrate survey, Heard Island 2001

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Kendi Davies
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included 60 sites in the survey design, distributed across Heard Island in five areas or blocks: Round Hill, Scarlet Hill, Cape Lockyer, Long Beach and Mt Drygowski. This level of sampling was achievable within the five-month period and was sufficient to produce reliable statistical models of invertebrate distribution in the subantarctic.
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Other invertebrates,

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Data collection complete
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Resource Code: - invert_heard
Resource Name: - Invertebrate survey, Heard Island 2001
Keywords: - Region, Altitude, Site Code, Slope, Aspect, Latitude, Longitude, Dirt, Species, Date Time, Vegetation Type, Sample Number
Basis of Record: - Specimen

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Subantarctic Island - Heard Island

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Spatial Coverage
53° 00' 56.5" S to 53° 11' 18.6" S | -53.0157° to -53.1885°
73° 21' 14.0" E to 73° 41' 21.1" E | 73.3539° to 73.6892°
Date Range of Collection
ASAC_1180 - Global change, biodiversity and conservation in terrestrial and coastal ecosystems on Heard and McDonald Islands