Antarctic Taxa

all Species within 1.0 degrees of the position

(Latitude 72° 45' 42.0" S Longitude 3° 10' 00.0" W )

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Scientific NameAuthorityCommon Name Observations
Carbonea cf. vorticosa Observations
Coscinodon lawianus (Willis) Ochyra Observations
Cryptopygus sp. Springtail Observations
Gloeocapsa k³tzingiana Nõgeli 1849/? Observations
Hypsibius chilenensis Water bear Observations
Hypsibius oberhaeuseri Doyère, 1840 Water bear Observations
Macrobiotus harmsworthi Murray, 1907 Water bear Observations
Macrobiotus sp. Water bear Observations
Pseudephebe minuscula (Nyl. ex Arnold) Brodo & Hawksw. Observations
Schizothrix antarctica Fritsch 1917/? Observations

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