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Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Procellariiformes
Family Diomedeidae
Genus Diomedea

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Diomedea amsterdamensis Roux et al. 1983 Amsterdam Albatross
Diomedea antipodensis Robertson & Warham, 1992 Antipodean Albatross
Diomedea chrysostoma Forster,1785 Grey-headed Albatross Synonym
Diomedea dabbenena Matthews, 1929 Tristan Albatross
Diomedea epomophora Lesson,1825 Southern Royal Albatross
Diomedea exulans Linnaeus,1758 Wandering Albatross
Diomedea gibsoni Robertson & Warham, 1992 Gibson's Albatross Synonym
Diomedea royal albatross sp. Royal Albatross sp.
Diomedea sanfordi Murphy, 1917 Northern Royal Albatross