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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Marchantiophyta
Class Jungermanniopsida
Order Metzgeriales
Family Aneuraceae
Genus Riccardia

List of Individual Species - see Taxon profile using the name of the taxa.

Riccardia autoica (Steph.) Evans
Riccardia calva (Gott. & Schiffn.) Evans
Riccardia cf. aequicellularis (Steph.) Hewson
Riccardia cf. cochleata (Hook.f. & Taylor) Kuntze
Riccardia cf. colensoi (Steph.) W. Martin
Riccardia cf. floribunda
Riccardia cf. georgiensis
Riccardia cf. pallidavirens
Riccardia corralensis (Steph.) Evans
Riccardia diderma Haessel
Riccardia diversiflora Evans
Riccardia floribunda (Steph.) Evans
Riccardia fuegiensis Mass.
Riccardia georgiensis (Steph.) Haessel
Riccardia granulata (Steph.) Evans
Riccardia longioleata Haessel
Riccardia mycophora Evans
Riccardia opuntiformis S.Arnell
Riccardia pallidevirens (Steph.) Evans
Riccardia papillosa (Mass. & Steph.) Haessel
Riccardia prehensilis (Hook. f. & Tayl.) Mass.
Riccardia saxicola Haessel
Riccardia spectabilis (Steph.) Evans
Riccardia spegazziniana Mass.
Riccardia spinulifera Mass.
Riccardia tenax (Steph.) Evans
Riccardia tenerrima (Steph.) Evans
Riccardia umbrosa (Schiffn. & Gott.) Haessel