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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Bryophyta
Class Bryopsida
Order Hypnales
Family Amblystegiaceae

List of all species - see Taxon profile using the number

Genus Amblystegium
Amblystegium megechaete Dus.
Amblystegium serpens (Hedw.) Schimp.
Amblystegium sp.
Amblystegium substrictifolium C.Muell.
Amblystegium varium (Hedw.) Lindb.
Genus Calliergidium
Calliergidium sp.
Genus cf. Orthotheciella
cf. Orthotheciella varia (Hedw.) Ochyra
Genus Cratoneuropsis
Cratoneuropsis relaxa ssp. minor (Wilson & Hook.f.) Ochyra
Genus Drepanocladus
Drepanocladus cf. aduncus (Hedw.) Warnst.
Genus Hygroamblystegium
Hygroamblystegium austrofluviatile (C. Muell) Broth.
Hygroamblystegium cf. austrofluviatile
Hygroamblystegium chalarocladum (C. Muell.) Reim.
Hygroamblystegium filum var. compacta (C. Muell.) Reim.; Bartr.
Hygroamblystegium fluviatile
Hygroamblystegium fuegianum (Besch.) Reim.
Hygroamblystegium fuegianum var. excurrens (Besch.) Reim.; (Card. & Broth.) Bartr.
Hygroamblystegium fuegianum var. secundum (Besch.) Reim.; Bartr.
Hygroamblystegium fuegianum var. skottsbergii (Besch.) Reim.; (Card.) Bartr.
Hygroamblystegium patagonicum Card.
Hygroamblystegium sp.
Hygroamblystegium strictulum (Card.) Reim.
Genus Hypnobartlettia
Hypnobartlettia fontana Ochyra
Genus Leptodictyum
Leptodictyum cf. riparium
Leptodictyum riparium (Hedw.) Warnst.
Genus Limprichtia
Limprichtia revolvens (Sw.) Loeske
Genus Orthotheciella
Orthotheciella varia (Hedw.) Ochyra
Genus Sanionia
Sanionia uncinata (Hedw.) Loeske
Genus Sarmentypnum
Sarmentypnum sarmentosum (Wahlenb.) Tuom. & T. Kop.
Genus Vittia
Vittia pachyloma (Mont.) Ochyra
Genus Warnstorfia
Warnstorfia sp.
Warnstorfia sp.