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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Bryophyta
Class Bryopsida
Order Polytrichales

List of all species - see Taxon profile using the number

Family Polytrichaceae
Atrichum androgynum (Mull. Hal.) A.Jaeger
Atrichum flavisetum
Atrichum tenellum
Atrichum undulatum
Dawsonia superba
Dendroligotrichum dendroides
Lyellia crispa
Notoligotrichum australe (Hook.f. & Wilson) G.L.Sm.
Notoligotrichum crispulum
Oligotrichum aligerum
Oligotrichum hercynicum
Philocrya aspera
Pogonatum alpinum (HEDW.) ROEHL.
Pogonatum cf. dentatum (Menzies ex Brid.) Brid.
Pogonatum cirratum
Pogonatum contortum
Pogonatum dentatum
Pogonatum molleri
Pogonatum nanum
Pogonatum spinulosum
Pogonatum spurio-cirratum
Pogonatum subulatum
Pogonatum tortile
Pogonatum urnigerum
Polytrichadelphus innovans (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger
Polytrichadelphus magellanicus (Hedw.) Mitt.
Polytrichastrum alpinum (Hedw.) G.L.Sm.
Polytrichastrum sp.
Polytrichum alpestre
Polytrichum alpinum Heedw.
Polytrichum commune L. ex Hedw.
Polytrichum formusum
Polytrichum juniperinum Hedw.
Polytrichum pallidisetum
Polytrichum piliferum Hedw.
Polytrichum sp.
Polytrichum strictum Menz. ex Brid.
Polytrichum subpilosum
Psilopilum antarcticum (C. Müll.) Par.
Psilopilum australe
Psilopilum crispulum
Psilopilum trichodon