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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Bryophyta
Class Bryopsida
Order Rhizogoniales

List of all species - see Taxon profile using the number

Family Calomniaceae
Calomnion complanatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Lindb.
Family Cyrtopodaceae
Bescherellia elegantissima
Cyrtopus setosus (Hedw.) Hook.f.
Family Hypnodendraceae
Braithwaitea sulcata (Hook.) A. Jaeger & Sauerb.
Hypnodendron colensoi (Hook. & Wilson) Mitt.
Hypnodendron comatum (C.Muell.) Mitt. ex Touw
Hypnodendron comosum (Labill.) Mitt.
Hypnodendron menziesii (Hook.) Par.
Hypnodendron spininervium
Hypnodendron vitiense
Hypnodendron vitiense ssp. australe
Mniodendron comatum ( C. Muell.) Lindb.
Sciadocladus sp.
Family Mitteniaceae
Mittenia plumula (Mitt.) Lindb.
Family Pterobryellaceae
Pterobryella vagapensis C. Muell.
Family Racopilaceae
Racopilum convolutaceum (C.Muell.) Reichdt.
Racopilum cuspidigerum
Racopilum fernandezianum Card.
Racopilum spectabile
Racopilum spectabile var. var. subisophyllum
Racopilum strumiferum
Racopilum tomentosum (Hedw.) Brid.
Family Rhizogoniaceae
Cryptopodium bartramioides (Hook.) Brid.
Goniobryum sp.
Goniobryum subbasilare (Hook.) Lindb.
Hymenodon pilifer
Leptotheca gaudichaudii Schwaegr.
Leptotheca sp.
Pyrrhobryum bifarium (Hook.) Manuel
Pyrrhobryum mnioides (Hook.) Manuel
Pyrrhobryum spiniforme
Rhizogonium bifarium (Hook.) Schimp.
Rhizogonium cf. mnoides
Rhizogonium distichum (Sw.) Brid.
Rhizogonium mnioides (Hook.) Manuel
Rhizogonium novae-hollandiae (Brid.) Brid.
Rhizogonium pennatum Hook. f. & Wils.
Rhizogonium spiniforme