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Hypsometric area



An area of the terrain surface, with elevation range the same as the contours that form the hypsometric polygon.


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None entered in defining this feature type

The following have been used in categorising this feature type

  • Topographic
Code Name Definition   Data type Values UoM Used by these Feature Types
1042 Dataset_Id An unique identifier of the dataset the feature belongs to Mandatory number(4)     Types
1105 Interval Interval is min elevation_max elevation eg. 300_400 Mandatory character(12)   metres Types
1122 Max_Elevation The elevation of the higher contour value, break line or break point. In the case of bathymetry, this is the deeper contour. Mandatory number(10,2)   metres Types
1125 Min_Elevation The elevation of the lower contour, break line or break point Mandatory number(10,2)   metres Types
1150 Q_Info An unique identifier pointing to additional data quality information not included in the metadata record. Mandatory number(5)     Types
1158 Relief The actual, physical surface of a region Mandatory character(50)
label Definition
Cliff A steep rock face, esp. at the edge of the sea.
Depression Depression contour - A contour of which the ground is at a lower elevation than the ground outside.
Standard Imaginary lines, or lines on a map or chart, that connect points of equal value, e.g. elevation of the land surface. Standard contours exclude depression contours.