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Code Feature Type Definition
101 Aerial A structure or device used to transmit or receive radio waves. This includes 'standard', microwave, satellite, or radar antennas and their support structure.
109 Apparatus A scientific instrument.
118 Battery A device for storing electrical energy.
131 Bollard A short post on a quay or ship for securing a rope.
135 Building A permanent walled and roofed construction or the ruin of such a construction.
137 Cabinet An enclosure usually used for housing equipment.
138 Cable An assembly of wires within or without a composite sheath.
139 Cable support A supporting structure eg. for supporting cables and pipes.
161 Culvert A tunnel-drain for water crossing underneath a road, canal or similar feature.
177 Feeder A type of cable connecting outlying cables to the main communications system.
178 Fence A mesh, railing, hedge, or the like for preventing free access to an area.
180 Fitting A device, connected to a pipe or cable, whose function is usually related to the function of the network. This may be monitoring a gauge, or point of supply eg. a water tap. It includes such features as lighting poles.
187 Footing A surface for standing on.
192 Gate An opening in a fence or other enclosure, for the purpose of giving pedestrian or vehicular entry and exit, and capable of being closed with a barrier.
194 Generator A device for generating electrical energy.
200 Guy A cable, rope or chain used to secure tall vertical structures such as masts or poles.
206 Hydrant An external point for accessing the contents of a pipe.
226 Junction Joining; joint, meeting-place. Joining of two or more pipes, cables or channels.
242 Mast An upright post or lattice-work structure for supporting radio antennas or similar features. Usually supported by guys. (Non directional beacons are stored under beacons)
244 Mooring A buoy secured to the bottom by permanent moorings with means for mooring a vessel by use of its anchor chain or mooring lines.
247 Navigation guide A structure or object on land or water that does not emit a signal and is used for marine vessel navigation
251 Pad A levelled ground surface.
257 Pipe A line of pipe connected to valves and other control devices, for conducting fluids, gases, or finely divided solids
258 Pit A small covered hole generally to give access to communication and electrical networks.
260 Pole A tall, slender and rounded length of wood or metal, generally vertical, used to give structural support for utility features such as the electrical fittings and cables. May or may not be supported by guys.
262 Pontoon A floating structure, usually rectangular in shape which serves as landing, pier head or bridge support.
263 Pool A man-made area for holding water for a specific purpose such as swimming
264 Post A stout piece of timber or metal of considerable length placed vertically as support in building.
268 Pump A machine that draws a fluid into itself through an entrance port and forces the fluid out through an exhaust port.
270 Rack A framework with rails, bars, pegs, or shelves, for keeping or placing articles on or in.
271 Radome A dome or covering, protecting communications equipment eg. a radar installation.
272 Ramp An inclined platform joining two levels of ground eg. between two landings at different levels.
275 Repeater A device for automatic re-transmission or amplification of electrically transmitted messages eg. radio waves.
287 Safety rail A horizontal or inclined bar or continuous series of bars used as protection against contact or falling over, or for a similar purpose.
302 Sign A plate or a label carrying important textual or graphical information.
311 Stair A set of steps
228 Stair Landing A platform between two flights of stairs, or at the top or bottom of a flight.
317 Sump A pit or well for the reception of superfluous water.
256 Support Pillar A slender upright structure serving as architectural support.
318 Tank Large metal, wooden, glass etc., vessel for liquid, gas, etc.
328 Tower A self supporting construction supported by feet. It has latticed uprights and has no guys.
329 Transformer A device for increasing or decreasing the voltage of electrical current flowing through an electrical cable.
335 Utility hole A covered hole giving bodily access to a pipe network.
336 Utility wall A solid upright barrier or the like for preventing free access to an area.
337 Valve Automatic or other device for controlling passage of liquid or gas or the like through pipe etc.
342 Walkway A construction for pedestrian usage
348 Wharf A structure serving as a berthing place for vessels.