Feature Types

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Code Feature Type Definition
101 Aerial A structure or device used to transmit or receive radio waves. This includes 'standard', microwave, satellite, or radar antennas and their support structure.
109 Apparatus A scientific instrument.
135 Building A permanent walled and roofed construction or the ruin of such a construction.
439 Building corners More detailed information about a building. Specifically elevation, height and the rl_of_floor_level at each corner of the building.
139 Cable support A supporting structure eg. for supporting cables and pipes.
170 Embankment A linear structure, usually of earth or gravel, shaped as to extend above the natural ground surface.
194 Generator A device for generating electrical energy.
242 Mast An upright post or lattice-work structure for supporting radio antennas or similar features. Usually supported by guys. (Non directional beacons are stored under beacons)
251 Pad A levelled ground surface.
260 Pole A tall, slender and rounded length of wood or metal, generally vertical, used to give structural support for utility features such as the electrical fittings and cables. May or may not be supported by guys.
256 Support Pillar A slender upright structure serving as architectural support.
328 Tower A self supporting construction supported by feet. It has latticed uprights and has no guys.
345 Water body An enclosed body of water, usually but not necessarily fresh water, from which the sea is excluded.