Feature Types

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Code Feature Type Definition
138 Cable An assembly of wires within or without a composite sheath.
180 Fitting A device, connected to a pipe or cable, whose function is usually related to the function of the network. This may be monitoring a gauge, or point of supply eg. a water tap. It includes such features as lighting poles.
226 Junction Joining; joint, meeting-place. Joining of two or more pipes, cables or channels.
242 Mast An upright post or lattice-work structure for supporting radio antennas or similar features. Usually supported by guys. (Non directional beacons are stored under beacons)
257 Pipe A line of pipe connected to valves and other control devices, for conducting fluids, gases, or finely divided solids
260 Pole A tall, slender and rounded length of wood or metal, generally vertical, used to give structural support for utility features such as the electrical fittings and cables. May or may not be supported by guys.
268 Pump A machine that draws a fluid into itself through an entrance port and forces the fluid out through an exhaust port.
318 Tank Large metal, wooden, glass etc., vessel for liquid, gas, etc.
320 Terminator A point marking the end of a pipe or cable network. This can be an actual real-world feature eg. the end of a pipe, or an artificial feature such as where a pipe enters a building.
328 Tower A self supporting construction supported by feet. It has latticed uprights and has no guys.
337 Valve Automatic or other device for controlling passage of liquid or gas or the like through pipe etc.