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Code Feature Type Definition
274 Refuge A shelter from extreme or dangerous environmental conditions such as those posed by the weather.
295 Sea ice boundary The boundary of sea ice.
307 Snow patch An isolated area of snow, lying above or below the regional snow line, which may last throughout the summer, and is composed of firn.
312 Station A place where there is permanent human habitation and infrastructure serving as a base for scientific research.
345 Water body An enclosed body of water, usually but not necessarily fresh water, from which the sea is excluded.
346 Watercourse A natural stream arising in a given drainage basin but not wholly dependent for its flow on surface drainage in its immediate area, flowing in a channel with a well-defined bed between visible banks or through a definite depression in the land, having a definite and permanent or periodic supply of water, and usually, but not necessarily, having a perceptible current in a particular direction and discharging at a fixed point into another body of water.