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Fildes Peninsula

Fildes Peninsula (The name as it would appear in a gazetteer)

Fildes Peninsula  (The name as it would appear on a map)

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Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory Id 108796

Feature type: Peninsula


This name originates from United Kingdom. It is part of the Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory and the SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica.

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SW-most part of King George Island, was roughly charted by nineteenth-century sealers; recharted by DI in 1934-35; in association with Fildes Strait (q.v.), named after R. Fildes who operated from Collins Harbour, E of the peninsula, for part of the 1821-22 season (APC, 1960, p.4; Hawkes, 1961, map p.3; BA chart 3205, 23.xi.1962; DOS 610 sheet W 62 58, 1968). Poluostrov Faylds (Soviet Union. AA, 1966, Pl.175). In 1967 the peninsula was designated as SPA No. 12 under the Antarctic Treaty (FO, 1967, p. 7-8). A Russian station was established on Ardley Cove on 22 February 1968 and named "Bellingshausen" after Adm. T. T. Bellingshausen (Bellingshausen Sea, q.v.) (Govurukha and Simonov, 1973, map p. 369; BAS sheet Misc. 2, 1981). A Chilean station was established on Ardley Cove in March 1969 and named "Presidente Eduardo Frei" after Dr Eduardo Frei Montalva (1911-82), President of Chile, 1964-70. Península Fildes (Covacevich C. and Lamperein R., 1970, map p. 62). "Base Frei", "Base Presidente Eduardo Frei" (González-Ferrán, 1971, Fig. 1, p. 4 and p. 5). "Base Presidente Frei" (Covacevich and Lamperein, 1972, map p.71). "Centro Meteorológico Presidente Frei" (Chile. IGM map 6000-5300, 1972). "Bellingshauzen" (Soviet Union. GUGK map 221, 1973). "Bellinsgauzen" (Govorukha and Simonov, 1973a, map p.9). "Eduardo Frei", "Eduardo Frey" (Govorukha and Simonov, 1973b, map p.369; 1973a, map p.9). "Bellingshausen Station", "Presidente Frei Station" (BA, 1974, p.163). "Base Bellingshausen" (Pezzani-Hernández S., 1975, p.29). "Refugio Bellingshausen" (Chile. IHA chart 1407, 1975). In 1980 the Chilean station was expanded and renamed "Base Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martín" (also "Marsh", "Marsh Station" or "Teniente Marsh Station"), the name "Presidente Eduardo Frei" being retained for the meteorological centre of the station (Chile. MRE, Note No. 17430, 31.x.1980). "Teniente Rudolfo [sic] Marsh Martèn" (BAS sheet Misc. 2, 1981). "Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Station" (BAS, 1982, p. 10). The Chinese station, called "The Great Wall" or "The Great Wall of China", was established on the W side of Hydrographers Cove (q.v.) in December 1984. The Uruguayan station, called "Artigas" after Gen. José Artigas (1764-1850), was established near Profound Lake (q.v.) also in December 1984. The peninsula was redesignated SSSI No. 5 under the Antarctic Treaty in 1975 (SPRI, 1986, p.227).

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62° 10' 55.7" S
Unknown precision
58° 56' 53.3" W
Unknown precision
Not recorded
Unknown precision


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