A theme or an idea that reoccurs in place names is often used when naming features in Antarctica. The list below are some of the many themes in existence. They are included here so users can continue a theme or not break a theme, where appropriate.


Commonwealth Bay area
Ross Sea area

Commonwealth Bay area

In recognition of the dogs that served on the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE in 1911-14), unnamed features within the Mackellar Islands were named.

Lassesen Island, The Devil Rock, Ginger Reef, Pavlova Island, Haldane Island, Mary Island, Jack Johnson Island, George Rock, Alexandra Island, Basilisk Island, Castor Rock, Franklin Reef, John Bull Island, Switzerland Island, Blizzard Island, Betli Island, Fusilier Rocks, Gadget Island, Grandmother Rock, Sandow Island, Sweep Rock, Tich Rocks, Caruso Rock, Crippen Rock and Jeffries Rock

Ross Sea area

Greco-Roman mythology

Place names in the Olympus Range (there’s many more scattered around elsewhere)

Eurus Ridge, Mount Thrace, Artemis Ridge, Clio Glacier, Enyo Glacier, Eos Glacier, Mount Boreas, Mount Cerberus, Mount Circe, Mount Dido, Mount Electra, Mount Hercules, Mount Jason, Mount Orestes, Orestes Valley, Orestes Glacier, Mount Peleus, Mount Theseus, Olympus Range, Poseidon Pond, Argo Gully, Apollo Peak, Minotaur Pass

Roman Britain (Brittania) names

Bibra Valley, Banna Peak, Abus Valley, Bellum Valley, Glevum Ridge

Māori descriptive names for wind at Mount Terror

Parawera Cone, Mūmū Nunatak, Tarakākā Peak, Pōnui Nunatak


Naval Battles in Admiralty Mountains

Sled dogs, Lonewolf Nunataks

NZ birds on Mount Bird (Mount Bird not being bird related)

Germanic/Norse mythology in Asgard Range

Bicycle related names around Head Mountains (ie Cycle Glacier)

Mesoamerican/Incan names around Beacon Valley (ie Incas Leap)

NZ Navy support vessels, Frigate Range

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