Map 13278: Adelie penguin presence in the Robinson Group

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Map Number 13278
Title Adelie penguin presence in the Robinson Group
Edition 1
Scale 1 : 300 000
Publication date May 2006
Publisher Australian Antarctic Division (Australia)
Spatial coverage ( 63.2333° -67.3333°) , ( 64.1167° -67.3333°) , ( 64.1167° -67.5667°)
( 63.2333° -67.5667°)
Projection Universal Transverse Mercator
Physical size 21 x 29.7 cm A4
Notes Produced by the Australian Antarctic Data Centre for inclusion in:
Low, M., Meyer, L. and Southwell, C. (2007), Number and distribution of Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) breeding sites in the Robinson Group of islands, Mac.Robertson Land coast, East Antarctica., Polar Record, 43, 225-229, doi:doi:10.1017/S0032247407006365

The islands displayed in black indicate the presence of Adélie penguin colonies, as surveyed during the 2005/6 summer; the grey polygons represent surveyed islands where no penguins were found. The large area of grey at the bottom of the map is continental ice.
Inset: Map showing relationship of Robinson Group to Mawson Station and Amery Ice Shelf
Keywords Robinson Group , Auster Islands , Douglas Islands , Child Rocks , Andersen Island , Thorgaut Island , Kirton Island , Macklin Island , Macey Islands , Austskjera , Penguin Colonies


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